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  • Pont Valley Protest Camp evicted by police

    Two arrested at coal protest site eviction

    Catherine Early
    | 20th April 2018
    Police have arrested two activists taking part in a protest against an open cast coal mine in County Durham. Campaigners claim the eviction could collapse tunnels and injure protesters inside. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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  • A sustainable future for frankincense and forests?

    Katie Dancey-Downs
    | 19th April 2018
    Frankincense is harvested from Boswellia carterii trees and provides vital income for Somaliland. But over-harvesting is threatening the future of the crop. Now a new test is being developed so that responsible buyers can tell whether the frankincense they sources is from sustainable forest. KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS of The Lush Times reports

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  • Iceland to resume hunting endangered fin whales

    Catherine Harte
    | 19th April 2018
    Icelandic fishermen will resume their hunt for the endangered fin whale this summer with a target of 191 kills for the season. This is despite a recent poll of Icelanders showing a decline in support for whale hunting. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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  • Submerged cars

    Climate apathy could mean disaster – but it isn’t inevitable

    Leo Barasi
    | 18th April 2018
    Public support for policies designed to reduce carbon emissions and prevent catastrophic climate change is vital. Yet people are naturally resistant when such policies mean sacrificing holidays and rewards they have earned through hard work. LEO BARASI argues there is a solution to this world-defining paradox

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  • Satish Kumar

    Environmental and Buddhist perspectives find confluence at Earth Day

    Kimberley Graham
    Gelong Trinley
    Lama Zangmo
    | 17th April 2018
    A free public event to celebrate Earth Day is being held on Sunday the 22 of April in Bermondsey by the Kagyu Samye Dzong London Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for World Peace and Health. The day will feature Satish Kumar alongside a range of speakers, workshops and activities to inspire the local community to end plastic pollution and protect the environment in daily life, write KIMBERLEY GRAHAM, GELONG TRINLEY and LAMA ZANGMO

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  • Acupuncture model

    An acupuncture treatment for climate change?

    Spring Cheng
    | 9th April 2018
    Acupuncture? An ancient Chinese healing practice where a doctor pokes hair-thin needles into odd places they call “points” on a patient’s body? What does acupuncture have to do with climate change? SPRING CHENG argues the practice holds powerful lessons for how we interact with our natural environment

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