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  • How to build houses - and save the countryside

    Shaun Spiers
    | 21st March 2018
    Prime minister Theresa May said "we are not faced with a zero-sum choice between building the homes people need and protecting the open spaces we treasure". SHAUN SPIERS argues that too few homes have been built and too much countryside lost - and the government's proposed policy changes are unlikely to make a difference

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  • The indigenous communities fighting back in Canada

    Katie Dancey-Downs
    | 12th March 2018
    The Canadian government has given the go ahead for an oil pipeline extension which would run through 518 km of Secwepemc Territory. But its people, the so-called 'Tiny House Warriors', are fighting back, one small dwelling at a time. KATIE DANCY-DOWNS went to visit them

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  • A group of children walking towards large trees

    Children must have a right to nature

    Natalie Bennett
    | 6th March 2018
    Blackberrying and tweeting. These words used to evoke strong memories and feelings of nature. Now, they are about technology, old and new. NATALIE BENNET argues access to nature should be a human right for our children, so our connections with the environment are not lost

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  • How systems theory can help us reflect on the world

    Robert Biel
    | 6th March 2018
    The Ecologist was an early adopter of systems theory after its launch in 1971. The way of thinking has come to influence a range of disciplines, from ecology to change management. In the first in a series of articles on systems theory, Dr ROBERT BIEL argues that its application can be effective in healing the rift between society and nature

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