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  • Placard that reads: 'Monsanto is poisoning you'

    French farmers feel Dewayne Johnson’s pain

    Natalie Sauer
    | 16th August 2018
    The French grain-grower Paul François was the first citizen to successfully sue Monsanto over a toxic weedkiller, six years ago. There are considerable parallels between his case, and the recent ruling that RoundUp caused Dewayne Johnson’s cancer. NATALIE SAUER investigates

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  • Bags of coffee beans

    An open letter to UTZ and Rainforest Alliance

    Mackenzie Denyer
    Clare Carlile
    Brendan Montague
    | 23rd July 2018
    An open letter to the newly merged ethical certification standards, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, urging them to maintain and improve on their certification criteria as they develop their new standard, from MACKENZIE DENYER, CLARE CARLILE and BRENDAN MONTAGUE

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