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  • More wildlife work the night shift to avoid humans

    Kaitlyn Gaynor
    | 21st June 2018
    We often talk about an overcrowded planet in terms of humans - but what effect does this have on animals? KAITLYN GAYNOR is the author of a new report on how more wildlife is seeking an escape from the masses by adopting a nocturnal existence

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  • Durdle Door, The Jurassic Coast, Dorset

    How shorelines can adapt to climate change

    Emily Folk
    | 21st June 2018
    Climate change has dramatically affected sea level, and as a result, our shorelines. Creating more living shorelines could decrease the effects of climate change by helping underwater plants to thrive, writes EMILY FOLK.

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  • The Shard, London

    Slamming the brakes on large-scale infrastructure projects

    Catherine Harte
    | 20th June 2018
    A lack of infrastructure can often be a barrier to progress in many parts of the world. But a leading professor has after decades of research concluded that many of the world's biggest projects aren't fit for purpose and could ultimately do more harm than good. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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  • A bird

    How can environmental activists use social media? Part 1

    Alessio Perrone
    | 18th June 2018
    Environmental activists and NGOs spend a considerable amount of time Facebook posting and Tweeting. But the best use of social networks is about what you want to achieve. ALESSIO PERRONE spoke to some experts in the field and gives some tips about how to use platforms successfully to promote social change

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  • Community action to remember those killed in the oil-rich region of Casanare, Colombia. Unique cards bear the names and dates of those killed. ​

    To me, being a mum means fighting for oil justice

    Helena Coates
    | 13th June 2018
    Frack Free Greater Manchester campaigners joined human rights defenders from as far as Argentina and Colombia in May to protest outside British Petroleum (BP)’s first ever shareholder meeting in Manchester, UK. HELENA COATES - a local resident - environmental campaigner and mum of two, explains why she took part

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