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  • What’s making our children sick?

    Vincanne Adams
    Michelle Perro
    | 18th May 2018
    Is modern industrial food making our children sick? Quite possibly, says paediatrician MICHELLE PERRO and medical anthropologist VINCANNE ADAMS. In their new book, What’s Making Our Children Sick? they claim there's a strong link between GMO food and failing health

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  • Alan Heeks

    Growing old creatively - a guide for people over 64

    Alan Heeks
    | 18th May 2018
    The self help section of your average bookshop has seen many a new addition in recent times. But among the numerous guides to happiness, mindfulness and well being, there are few titles written specifically for men. Writer ALAN HEEKS believes the men are often overlooked in this genre of books when it’s often men who need the help the most...

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  • Arctic explorers set sights on plastic pollution

    Marianne Brown
    | 18th May 2018
    A team of university students is setting sail to collect research on the possible existence of a sixth ‘great garbage patch’. But as MARIANNE BROWN writes, the team also plans to produce a film and children's book about their findings to spread the word outside of academia

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  • Managing the uplands: the need for a fresh approach

    Lois Mansfield
    | 17th May 2018
    The government promises a 'brighter future for farming'. This should apply to the Upland areas.
    Farms here have evolved to provide a lot more than the traditional food, fibre and water. This means a new approach to land management is essential if these areas are to have real social value, argues DR LOIS MANSFIELD

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  • The power of play

    11th May 2018
    The need for play has never been greater - given our increasingly chaotic and stressful lives, writes AYA HUSNI BEY. Working as a counsellor for many years, she has seen how releasing the mind and engaging in true play can be transformative for those suffering from grief, anxiety and sadness

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  • Read this slowly – it could save your life

    Paula Byrne
    Jonathan Bate
    | 7th May 2018
    This is an age of hyper-connectivity where being available 24/7 is a given. But this can have serious health and social impacts. PAULA BYRNE and JONATHAN BATE urge us to turn our devices off, slow it down and savour the calming powers of good literature...

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  • Karl Marx

    The emergence of an ecological Karl Marx: 1818 - 2018

    Gareth Dale
    | 5th May 2018
    Karl Marx was born in Trier 200 years ago today. The legacy of the political economist is fiercely contested. The Ecologist was among the first magazines to examine his ecological thinking - in an essay published in 1971. Here, GARETH DALE, an editor of the book Green Growth, examines Marx's own claims about nature and society - and our original interpretation of them

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  • PHOTO ESSAY: The promise of palm oil sows anger and doubt

    Gaurav Madan
    | 2nd May 2018
    Villagers are living in fear of foreign investors exploiting their natural resources as Liberia declares itself 'open for business'. Companies are decimating trees and threatening the livelihoods and culture of these rural communities. GAURAV MADAN documents what life is like for the people of Sinoe County in Liberia.

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