Sir Richard Doll: A Questionable Pillar of the Cancer Establishment

| 1st March 1998
Sir Richard Doll died in July 2005. Over a year later, evidence came to light that he was in the pay of major chemical companies when he gave the green light to their products. Eight years earlier, the Ecologist was threatened with legal action for running this story...

The Imperial Cancer Research Fund writes in its current publication, 'Preventing and Curing Cancer':

"One of the biggest myths in recent years is that there is a cancer epidemic caused by exposure to radiation, pollution, pesticides and food additives. The truth is that these factors have very little to do with the majority of cancers in this country. In fact, food additives may have a protective effect - particularly against stomach cancer."

One would presume that the Imperial Cancer Research Fund would only dare make a statement of this sort, which runs counter to endless serious studies on the subject, after exhaustive research over many decades on the possible carcinogenic effects of exposure to these environmental factors. However, unbelievable as it may seem, this august institution fully admits that it has never carried out any such research! How then can it conceivably make such a statement? The answer is that it is entirely based on the pronouncements of Sir Richard Doll, seen to be the greatest living expert on the subject, and whose every word is gospel among the members of Britain's cancer establishment. Let us look carefully at the career of Sir Richard Doll in order to trace the origin and development of this most questionable pillar.

The Ecologist, March/April 1998

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