Will Jellyfish Rule the World? by Leo Hickman

Questions about climate change are given easy-to-understand answers in this green handbook for children by the Guardian's eco columnist Leo Hickman

Cow farts, sunbathing lizards in the Antarctic, hurricanes named Henry, and cars run on chip fat come together in this book to produce a fun, easy to follow and comprehensive guide to climate change.

Divided into short, manageable sections interspersed with funky fonts, pictures and diagrams, the book guides you from the basics of climate change through to practical solutions. Using clever yet simple analogies and references to well known children's stories Hickman manages to make a broad, complex and (sometimes) boring topic accessible to everyone, big or small.

The feel of the book is one of overall positivity. Facts about man's impact on the climate and the consequent effects are presented matter of factly without conjuring up a sense of impending doom. The final sections on "Solutions" and "What you can do" leaves the reader with a sense of empowerment and an enthusiasm to tackle what can be a daunting issue.

A must read for all children (and parents) Will Jellyfish Rule the World? is the most important bed time reading for a new generation of eco-warriors.

Will Jellyfish Rule the World? by Leo Hickman (Puffin Books, £6.99)



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