IPCC set to green-light nuclear power and biofuels

1st May 2007
The third report of the year from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is expected to green-light nuclear power and large-scale biofuel production as a way of tackling climate change, to the dismay of environmentalists worldwide.

The final document, which is being refined this week, will represent contributions from more than 2,000 of the world’s leading climate scientists. It is expected to offer possible routes to tackling global warming, which will include a mix of nuclear power, genetically modified biofuels, and the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from power stations.

In addition, the report nods to a role for new and future environmental technologies, such as hydrogen cars and ‘intelligent’ buildings, as well as more established wind and wave farms.

Responding to the anticipated support for nuclear power and biofuels, Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, said:
‘Nuclear reactors are dangerous and land clearance and chemical pesticides and fertilisers used to grow fuel crops can cause huge environmental damage.’

The IPCC report is due to publicly released in Bangkok on Friday, 4th May.

This article first appeared in the Ecologist May 2007


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