Activists get thrashed by locals

| 1st August 2008
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When opponents of local youth football team Deansgate Ridge in Kent failed to turn up, Camp for Climate Action members stepped in – only to lose 7-1.

The game was played on the no-mans land of Kingsnorth Power Station, the focus of this year's Camp for Climate Action.

Andrea Purser, midfielder for team Climate Camp, said: “A good kick about was a wonderful way to be welcomed by local residents. We may have lost the match to Deansgate Ridge, but we will definitely be on the winning side a week on Saturday when we shut Kingsnorth down.”

The week-long protest camp has been set up a mile away from Kingsnorth Power Station, on the Hoo Peninsula, Kent where eco protestors will gather for a series of workshops, activities and actions.

While the football was good natured – the protest is serious business.

In this month’s Ecologist, Andrew Wasley takes a closer look at the resurgent eco-activism scene in the UK – of which the Climate Camp is an important part – and the espionage, news manipulation, legal threats and even violence that have become the knee-jerk response of Government and big business to the increasing and vocal concerns of environmental protestors in the UK.

Ahead of next week’s Climate Camp at Kingsnorth power station, this exclusive and powerful film exposes the extraordinary tactics being used to reframe concerned citizens engaging in their right to protest as dangerous terrorists.

watch the film here

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