Letter: shame on the Ecologist for joining climategate melee

| 7th December 2009
The UEA hacked emails reveal nothing of substance, and the deniers' charges should not be repeated by the Ecologist

Dear Editor,

It is extremely disappointing to read an editorial like this from the Ecologist journal.

Respected scientific journals Nature and Science investigated this scandal and found no reason for concern about scientific integrity. It does not matter what scientists wrote to each other in PRIVATE emails, it matters how they acted. The controversial scientific paper was NOT blocked from the IPCC report, and the controversies were discussed scientifically. And the outcry about the single word 'trick' is simply pathetic - scientists, artists and writers use this word all the time to describe some clever ways of doing things.

Yes, scientist have to struggle for funding, but science is not business. The goal of business is profit, the goal of science is knowledge. One pursues a business career in order to become rich. Yet, choosing a scientific career with a goal of getting rich is definitely a bad idea.

What the hacked emails show is that climate change scientists are normal humans and can lose their temper when being constantly attacked for what they do. It seems the Ecologist now joins the line of those attackers.

One more comment. You write: 'Had these emails been hacked from the accounts of prominent climate sceptics, the Ecologist would have been amongst the first to highlight their nefarious content'.

It seems from your comment that you give similar credibility to both climate change scientists and sceptics. There is no need to hack emails from climate change 'sceptics'. They can openly make statements based on absolutely scientifically incorrect data, or no data at all. They can receive funding from big companies. Comparing climate change science with the arguments of sceptics is the same as comparing evolution with creationism.

Perhaps one thing the Ecologist should notice - the climate change 'sceptics', not scientists, are usually working in business area. Shame on the Ecologist for (inadvertently) joining the gang whose goal is to impede a progress on climate change action by any possible dirty means.

Asta Audzijonyte
Post-doctoral fellow
CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


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