Europeans 'are acting as if they are climate sceptics'

| 13th December 2009
copenhagen map
In a stinging attack on developed nations, G77 leader Lumumba Di-Aping blasts Gordon Brown for his offer of £500 million of climate aid

Firebrand chief negotiator of the G77 plus China group of nations, Lumumba Di-Aping, is not a man who takes the business of climate negotiation lightly.

Having walked out of a meeting earlier last week following the release of the 'Danish text', he then launched a scathing attack on the offers of climate aid put forward by European nations - accusing them of acting 'as if they are climate sceptics'.

He singled out Gordon Brown for special criticism, accusing him of hypocrisy for speaking of the 'irreparable' cost of inaction on climate change, yet offering only £500 million a year to less-industrialised nations for adaptation to climate change - part of an annual €2.4 billion package on offer from the EU.

Di-Aping said that, in light of the fact that City bankers made $300 billion last year alone, that there was  'no sense of leadership coming out of the UK, nor Europe'.

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