The 300-350 Show: Arctic special - part one

| 24th July 2009
The first of two episodes featuring Jess Worth - a co-editor of New Internationalist - who has recently finished editing an issue of the magazine focusing on the Arctic which uncovers the largely untold story of how climate change is impacting already on indigenous peoples and their traditional subsistence lifestyles

Indigenous peoples are not just victims in the climate change story they are also proactive in fighting back against fossil fuel developments on their lands. A recent string of successful legal challenges suggest that indigenous peoples could end up playing a critical role in the fight against climate change.

In part two we'll look at the Arctic's central position in the climate tipping point story; the historic international indigenous people's summit on climate change and its implications for the UN climate talks in Copenhagen; and the rush to exploit the fossil fuel resources in the Arctic opened up by the sea ice melt.

For more information, visit the Climate Radio website.


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