Al Jazeera Film: <i>A Case of Global Proportions</i>

| 11th June 2009
Al Jazeera's five-part series, 'Corporations on Trial' looks at some of the rapidly growing law suits across the world today.

The second episode in the Corporations on Trial series, A Case of Global Proportions visits Kivalina, a village on Alaska’s remote northwest coast, which, according US Army engineers is set disappear within the decade.

The village is the centre of huge case which has set out to prove that the disappearance of their village into the sea is man-made – and that the energy giants are to blame. Native lawyer Heather Miller has found an unlikely ally in the form of Stephen Susman - former defence lawyer for the tobacco giant Phillip Morris.

Helping launch a law suit against Exxon Mobil and 23 other energy companies, Susman claims that deliberate misinformation and 'false science' about global warming from the energy comapnies is “one of the largest conspiracies in the world".

Watch A Case of Global Proportions below:

To find out more about the series and the flagship programme People & Power click here

This article first appeared in the Ecologist June 2009

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