Seasick by Alanna Mitchell

| 19th June 2009
Book Seasick
An ecological thriller that explains why we must keep the ocean healthy if we are to save ourselves

Even the most enthusiastic of environmentalists might find it difficult to comprehend an ecological thriller.

However, in this exhilarating account of the ocean’s demise, Alanna Mitchell has produced just that. By diffusing the complexity of scientific reasoning alongside lucid tales of ocean abuse, Mitchell explains through her journey across the globe how the acidity of the ocean through to the adaptability of Zanzibar fisherman are all linked in to the great balancing act of the seas.

If the idea of ‘ocean change’ or the importance of marine life were lost on you in any way, this book acutely puts in focus why ‘we must keep it [the ocean] healthy if we are to save ourselves’.

Seasick by Alanna Mitchell (Oneworld, £12.99)


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