The Age of Stupid

You'd be stupid to miss this. And to ensure that you, and others, don't, why not help spread the word about this fantastic documentary by putting up some posters.

I’m sorry, I’m going to gush: this film is a fantastic achievement.

In a remote Arctic library, in a climate-ruined 2055, an archivist (Pete Postlethwaite) sits down amid the collected remnants of civilisation to create a memoir using footage from the ‘past’ 50 years. This framework allows director Armstrong (of McLibel fame) to tell six different, bang-up-to-date climate change stories – including that of an oil worker whose home was decimated in Hurricane Katrina; that of Jeh, founder of India’s first low-cost airline, and that of Piers, a wind farm developer trying to live sustainably.

Interspersed with animated sequences detailing everything from consumerism to the Iraq war, the film builds a picture of climate change that simply couldn’t be told through any other medium. In some inspired footage, the director allows anti-wind farm campaigners to explain why they object to a new development, shortly before their town is flooded in last year’s unseasonal summer weather.

Sure it’s not absolutely perfect: Postlethwaite’s dialogue is a little overwrought and his dystopian setting over-egged, but hell – Al Gore won an Oscar for interspersing a slide show with shots of himself in a plane with a laptop. This film knocks spots off An Inconvenient Truth and well deserves a full cinematic release.

Mark Anslow

The Age of Stupid team has a big bundle of beautiful posters needing to be pinned to every wall in the land. If you have a great spot - an office, a school, a train station, shop window - where lots of people would see it, please email your postal address to for your poster. UK only though!

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