If You Love This Planet: A Plan To Save The Earth

Helen Caldicott outlines the most pressing issues in the world today and provides a basic framework for solutions

From the founding president of Physicians for Social Responsibility and founder of Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament comes a revised and updated edition of her widely read and highly acclaimed book, If You Love This Planet: A Plan To Save The Earth.

Since the publication of the first edition of this book we have witnessed the continued degradation of our natural environment. However, what we have not witnessed is a dramatic shift in global policy to counter the effects of climate change.

Fifteen years have gone by and the urgency of the situation has risen dramatically. The publication of the second edition of this book could not be more timely.

Delving into up-to-date and terrifying statistics, Helen Caldicott outlines the current global situation with regards to the world's most pressing issues, including ozone depletion, global warming, deforestation, species extinction and human overpopulation.

The sheer volume and extent of the information that Caldicott marshalls can only help to hammer home the message - that our actions have had a catastrophic effect on the planet.

That said, the outlook is not all bleak: each chapter closes with suggestions of the numerous ways in which we can positively affect the huge statistics laid down in the preceding text. Rehabilitation is both essential and achievable.

Whilst providing large-scale solutions that need intergovernmental co-operation and huge funds, Caldicott also states how motivated and enlightened individuals can lead their countries and create movements to save the world.

This revised edition is a must-read for anyone wanting to get their teeth into the environmental dangers facing the Earth. If you love this planet, you will love this book.

If You Love This Planet: A Plan To Save The Earth by Helen Caldicott (£11.99. W.W Norton)

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