Letter: everyone suffers from new nuclear

| 30th October 2009
Barrels of nuclear waste
It's not just the UK that suffers from the Government's new fervour for nuclear power; communities worldwide will feel the folly of the move...

Dear Editor,

The unholy trinity of State, Church and Industry in Cumbria is presenting new nuclear build in Cumbria as a fait accompli. This shows the true colours of the sham 'public consultation' on new-build and geological disposal. Following the nuclear industry’s push for reform to the planning laws of this country the 'public consultation' is the only place in which the serious health and environmental concerns can be raised.

The insane push for new nuclear build is also having devastating effects worldwide. From the Grand Canyon to Lapland to Australia, indigenous communities around the world are fighting thousands of uranium mining claims. On the 7th November there will be a demonstration against a uranium claim for an area bigger than a hundred square km in Ranua and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. In Finland the French nuclear company Areva (partner in nuclear crimes in Cumbria) is trying to enforce their mining plans in the sparsely populated North after being driven away from southern Finland's countryside.

Local people of the threated region of Ranua in Finnish Lapland joined the international Nuclear Climate Camp in Tervola in summer 2009 and asked for support for their struggle against Areva. The truth about this is smothered by a pou pourri of nuclear propaganda. People can find out more and send messages of support to the Ranua by googling ‘Ranua Rescue’ and translating the page.

Here in Cumbria the state and industry owe it to us to look after the existing wastes as safely as possible. Cumbrians should not be bribed and coerced into accepting ever more dangerous nuclear reactors in the vicinity of the world's most ferociously volatile nuclear wastes. There is no fait accompli, only propaganda. Saying a strong NO to nuclear is the only sane and ethical option.

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland

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