The 300-350 Show: The Bonn informals

| 2nd September 2009
Another negotiating week on the road to Copenhagen has come and gone. We try and tell you as much as we can in plain English about where the talks currently stand, now that there are just 100 days left to go to Copenhagen. Our focus here is on the overall 'shared vision' element of the agreement

Key points:

  • The Association of Small Island States and Least Developed Countries (together representing over 80 countries) now support both the 1.5C maximum temperature target and reducing greenhouse gases to a concentration level of 350ppm CO2e in the atmosphere
  • More countries now support the 1.5C target than the 2C target that Europe and the Obama-convened Major Economies Forum (representing only 39 nations) support
  •  European Environment Commissioner, Stavros Dimas agrees that 2C is no longer safe and that the upper threshold should be 1.5C maximum temperature rise
  • The Africa group of around 50 countries won’t support even a 2C target until they see stronger commitments from rich nations on domestic action and finance
  • UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chair, Rajendra Pachauri, has come out in support of the 350ppm target

For more information, visit the Climate Radio website.


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