Study exposes chemical cocktail risk

We may be  underestimating the risk of exposure to chemicals
We may be underestimating the risk of exposure to chemicals
Current levels of safe chemical exposure may need upgrading in light of new study

Exposure to a mixture of chemicals is far more harmful than the damage from individual chemicals, according to a study of male rats.

Results from a study published in the US journal Environmental Health Perspectives, indicate that assessing the risk of chemicals one-compound-at-a-time will underestimate potential harm.

People are exposed to hundreds of chemicals at a time but that cocktail may currently be considered 'safe' based on the individual toxicities of those chemicals.

'Evaluations that ignore the possibility of combination effects may lead to considerable underestimations of risks associated with exposures to chemicals that disrupt male sexual differentiation,' said the study, a joint project between researchers from the National Food Institute in Denmark and The School of Pharmacy at the University of London.

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The study in full: Synergistic Disruption of External Male Sex Organ Development by a Mixture of Four Anti-androgens

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