Human swine flu virus found in UK pig herd

Pigs on a farm

Human swine flu cases are on the rise again in the UK

Human form of swine flu found in pig herd poses no food health risk says FSA

A pig herd in Northern Ireland has tested positive for the human form of swine flu, H1N1 influenza A.

The Department for Agricultural and Rural Development (DARD) said the finding was not a surprise, 'given that this virus is currently circulating in humans'.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has advised that novel H1N1 influenza A does not pose a food safety risk to consumers.

The news comes the day after the UK's chief medical office said swine flu cases were on the rise again.

Sir Liam Donaldson said there were an estimated 5,000 new cases in England last week, up from 3,000 the week before and the first increase since July. In Scotland, the numbers doubled to more than 6,000.

The total number of deaths in the UK has risen to 79.

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