FSC targeted in New York City protest

| 25th September 2009
FSC protest in New York

The world's leading forest certification scheme is not doing enough to ensure the sustainble sourcing of wood

World's leading forest certification scheme is not doing enough to prevent the sourcing of unsustainable wood, say activists

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an obstacle to ending ancient-forest destruction and preventing climate change, say activists.

After holding a protest, which included running a 35-foot banner on the High Line in New York City, activists from Rainforest Relief and other groups said the world’s leading forest certification scheme was continuing to source wood from unsustainable sources.

Back in July, the Brazilian government announced that federal police had broken up a timber-laundering ring in the Amazon involving 3,000 'eco-certified' companies that had been receiving illegal wood for years.

FSC-certified companies were among those implicated.

‘It has become evident to environmentalists in the know that FSC has become an obstacle to ending ancient-forest destruction and addressing climate change and biodiversity loss,’ said Dr. Glen Barry, founder of Ecological Internet.

Groups, including Ecological Internet, are demanding that FSC stops
certifying wood from ancient primary forests around the world.

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