TAKE ACTION on conserving home energy (with a sexy helping hand)

Friends of the Earth video
Friends of the Earth campaign calls on the Government to launch a nation-wide retro-fit of draughty homes
Friends of the Earths' saucy new campaign video aims to get people turned on to energy efficiency

Energy saving at home gets a steamy makeover in a tongue-in-cheek new video inspired by Barack Obama's claim that ‘insulation is sexy stuff', launched by Friends of the Earth.

In the two-minute YouTube film a young man's cavity wall insulation is a hot aphrodisiac for his carbon-obsessed date - but the bedroom action screeches to a halt when she notices his TV is on standby.

Friends of the Earth is calling for the Government to do more to stop poorly insulated British homes leaking heat, to tackle climate change and help vulnerable people who spend more than they can afford trying to stay warm at home.

The environmental campaigning charity is calling for the Government's Energy Bill, currently being debated in Parliament, to lead to a nationwide plan to make sure that by 2020 no one lives in a cold home.

More than a quarter of the UK's carbon emissions come from our homes and making them energy efficient is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to fight climate change.

'If everyone was this turned on by insulation and energy-efficient boilers British homes would be a lot warmer, greener and cheaper to heat,' says FOE's Warm Homes campaigner Dave Timms.

'But they aren't - so £1 in every £4 spent heating our homes is wasted because of poor insulation. That's why we need the Government to plan a nationwide re-fit to stop all our homes leaking heat.'


Join Friends of the Earth's WarmHomes campaign calling on the Government to

* Set a minimum energy-efficiency standard for private rented homes.
* From 2016 make it illegal to let the worst homes until they're improved.
* Ensure all houses are brought up to scratch by 2020.
* Support landlords and homeowners to make improvements.
* Ensure people know what it costs to heat a home before moving in.

A nationwide overhaul of our homes would:

* Protect people's health.
* Save families money on fuel bills.
* Create tens of thousands of jobs.
* Save the NHS millions of pounds.


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