Charity shop chic: Oxfam teams up with Selfridges

| 5th April 2011
annie lennox
Can second hand clothes make a difference? The pieces on offer at Oxfam’s Curiosity Shop in Selfridges certainly can

Every once in a while, a celeb plus charity combination comes along that’s worth paying attention to. One such is the Oxfam Curiosity Shop; a pop up at Selfridges that combines A-list star power with recycling and doing your bit for the disadvantaged. Oxfam’s high street boutiques are famous for their second hand clothes and the Curiosity Shop is no different.

The twist is that the clothes on offer have a truly stellar pedigree and include donations from the likes of Colin Firth, Annie Lennox and Scarlett Johansson. The pieces are also a cut above the usual occupants of Oxfam rails. Livia Firth’s Nina Skarra gown, famously worn to the BAFTAs, is one of the pieces on offer as is the stunning Alexander McQueen strapless column dress as worn by Annie Lennox to the Curiosity Shop launch party at Selfridges. ‘The Oxfam Curiosity Shop is very close to my heart, said the singer. ‘It’s a wonderful way of harnessing the ideas, skills and resources of influential women to fight poverty.’

Last year’s event raised in excess of £250,000 for projects around the world, the majority aimed at empowering women, and this year’s cash is expected to follow suit. In addition to dealing with emergencies such as the current crises in the Ivory Coast and Libya, Oxfam works on a range of projects covering a variety of issues including climate change, gender, health and education.

To get involved or to make a bid for one of the pieces, go to:

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