Lost Property of London

| 13th April 2011
lost property of london
Can sustainability be stylish? If Lost Property of London’s eco-accessories are anything to go by, yes it can

For some of us, bags are a means to an end. They hold our keys, purse and that’s about it. After all, practicality is what counts, right? But for others, bags are also a style statement. They’re part of your look and they can make or break an outfit. While finding a bag that’s green as well as practical isn’t usually too much to ask, finding one that’s stylish as well as sustainable is a bit more problematic. Hemp, flax and recycled cloth might be environmentally friendly but they don’t always translate to fashion fabulous. So what’s a green fashionista to do? The answer is London’s hottest new handbag name, Lost Property of London.

Founded by Katie Bell in 2009, Lost Property of London combines fashion with reusable, sustainable fabrics and a principled approach to sourcing. Avoiding environmentally harmful manufacturing practices wherever possible; all bags are made using recycled materials and fabrics, and are produced by hand. Top picks include the Belmont messenger bag, £210, made from upcycled soft grain leather with natural hide handles, and the large Miles traveller bag, £250, crafted from recycled coffee sacks and leather. The fabulous leather and sacking Beeby clutch, £125, is also well worth a look.

For more information, go to: www.lostpropertyoflondon.com

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