Neal’s Yard Remedies: making your own beauty products

neal's yard remedies
Want more control over what you put on your skin? The ‘Create & Make Your Own’ range from Neal’s Yard Remedies could be just what you’re looking for

Purveyors of all things herbal and organic; Neal’s Yard Remedies is no stranger to the field of green beauty innovations. From humble beginnings as a small London apothecary to its current existence as one of the UK’s top eco-friendly beauty brands, Neal’s Yard has consistently broken new ground in the pursuit of products that are as good for the planet as they are for your skin. But now the brand has gone back to basics with a new range that gives you total control over the contents of your beauty essentials.

Launched with ethnobotanist, James Wong, the ‘Create & Make Your Own’ range includes basics such as a natural unscented bath oil and a standard glycerine shower gel, which can then be used as the base for your own products, tailored to you by you. Sounds too much like hard work? Not so, says James, whose suggestions include using your own herbs to fragrance the basic oils and gels. ‘It [making your own] can seem a little daunting at first,’ he says, ‘but the thing to do is to get a bit of advice when you buy the base products, then go home and have a little play with ingredients. The flexibility of the range is the best part and it’s totally empowering as you can decide what you want in your beauty products. You can change what you put in with the seasons – orange blossom for summer or clove for winter, for example - or even every day if you like.’

Prices for the ‘Create & Make Your Own’ range start at £5.80. To find out more, go to:

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