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HostelBookers has a dedicated CSR team to ensure the company ‘does their bit'!

Some people associate eco with expensive. But with HostelBookers it is possible to travel and help save the planet on a budget. There are plenty of properties out there all doing their bit to stay green. Anything from solar panels to energy efficient light bulbs, low flow toilets and waste recycling systems have been introduced in a number of eco hostels and many are being recognised for their environmentally-friendly efforts and presented with authoritative awards. Slow travel is becoming increasingly fashionable and it seems that the art lies not just in reaching your destination, but the experience of the journey itself. For students, InterRailing in Europe has long since been a rite of passage. Go by plane and you risk missing out on wonderful scenic opportunities: the ski train through the snowy Alps; the Ligurian railway line that blasts its way through sheer rock face next to the azzurro sea; and nothing beats pulling in to the very heart of Edinburgh with the dramatic castle looming overhead. Saving the planet, never seemed so breathtaking!

If you are considering how to get around on holiday, check out some of the bike hire schemes. There are some fantastic cycle-friendly cities such as London and Amsterdam, with dedicated bike paths in the city centre, through parks as well as heading out of town. Cycling will certainly inject a bit of fun in to your sightseeing. And Hostelbookers has cheap hotels in London and Amsterdam, so you can enjoy the outdoor without breaking the bank!

Getting stuck in to an outdoors activity can mean healthy body and healthy planet. Why not try a cycling holiday? With a little research you can find a host of bike networks and routes to suit all abilities from families to adrenaline junkies. In fact, the easy-to-navigate cycle network in the Netherlands has encouraged a group of HostelBookers employees to cycle from London to Amsterdam in August 2011 for charity with the help of the cycle-friendly Stayokay Amsterdam VondelPark Hostel!

If you bring your own bike, plenty of hostels offer cycle storage as well as bike hire for those travelling without. A cycle holiday certainly makes for both a green and cheap trip if you pack your own picnics and spend your days enjoying the scenery getting from A to B instead of forking out for theme parks, museums and expensive attractions.

Company Ethos
Anyone with a passion for travel has a vested interest in keeping the planet in good shape. So it’s no surprise that HostelBookers, a leading budget accommodation website, has a dedicated CSR team to ensure the company ‘does their bit’! Promoting office recycling, making donations to the WWF to protect endangered species and making sure employees get a good run around by hosting mini Olympics sessions are just a few of the ways in which HostelBookers is making the 9-5:30 more eco-friendly.

HostelBookers has a dedicated CSR team to ensure the company ‘does their bit'!

Product Showcase

The Centre Ecologic Llemena (CEL) Hostel In Spain, the Centre Ecologic Llemena (CEL) Hostel is an eco retreat located at the foothills of the Pyrenees. This forward-thinking 12th century house boasts an organic vegetable garden and naturally heated swimming pool. The views are spectacular and the lush flora and fauna surroundings will help you get back in touch with Mother Nature.
Hsotelbookers- St Christopher's Prague A purpose built eco-hostel, St Christopher’s at Mosaic House in Prague boasts solar panels and recycling facilities. It also offers rain showers, low-flow toilets and is the only hostel in the Czech Republic to develop a grey water recycling unit.
Hostelbookers - Edinburgh It’s fantastic arriving by train in Edinburgh; as you pull in to the central station, catch a glimpse of the dramatic Edinburgh Castle overheard. A hop, skip and a jump away from the station, the High Street Hostel has invested in 75 hectares of woodland to offset their CO2 emissions.

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