The Story of Broke

| 3rd December 2011
The Story of Broke
Annie Leonard ventures into banking territory with the Story of Broke
Annie Leonard's new film looks at how money that could be used to build a sustainable future through investment in renewables and increasing recycling is being used to fund wars and subsidise fossil fuels

Fronted by Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff has become well known for its quirky animated films and strong environmental messages. Viewed by more than 12 million all over the world since 2007, Annie Leonard has told the story of stuff from electronics to cosmetics, warning against the problems excessive consumerism for human happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

In 2010, Annie Leonard told the Ecologist that she is not against 'stuff' but more the way that stuff is produced, marketed and wasted.

We are hearing from many politicians at the moment that there is no quick fix for the debt problem. Annie Leonard seems to disagree and in her latest video, The Story of Broke, offers a solution. Leonard attacks subsidies propping up the ‘dinosaur’ economy, tax subsidies that benefit these industries and risk transfer subsidies that mean Government pay for environmental mishaps, not the polluter.

Leonard is an environmentalist, not an economist but the basic tenet of her message in the film is simple: money that could be used to build a sustainable future through investment in renewables and increasing recycling is being used to fund wars and subsidies fossil fuels.

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