Madara: the luxury skincare range with social and environmental ethics

| 7th December 2011
Madara skincare
Madara skincare

Madara skincare brand has been described by WWF as embodying principles of 'deeper luxury'

'Deeper than skin' is the motto of ethical green beauty and skincare brand Madara which has received accolades from WWF

Latvia isn't the most obvious place to look for a pioneering skincare brand, but in the 5 years since it was created, Madara has helped put the Baltic country on the beauty map. So much so that Madara was hailed by WWF as one of a select crop of brands that embody the spirit of ‘deeper luxury' - by combining luxury with social and environmental awareness.

Madara founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere (pictured left) started her company out of frustration in the lack of organic and natural beauty products in her home country. From a simple bar of soap, the company now produces a wide range of products from skincare, haircare and cosmetics -all free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, not tested on animals and certified by Ecocert.

Madara is the Latvian name for a delicate green flowering plant that bears tiny white blossoms and starry-shaped leaves, known as 'cleavers'. It's the plants delicate and fragile beauty which led Lotte to name her company after it, and the company prides itself on the blossoms and herbs, both cultivated and wild-crafted, that go into its products.

Madara has won many plaudits both for its products and for its clean, recyclable packaging. All Madara products contain typical Baltic herbs and plants like calendula, plantain and rosehip, which are powerful and effective in protecting the skin.

The Combination Skin Skincare set contains the following three products:a deep purifying foam 150ml; deep balance toner 200ml; deep moisture fluid 50ml. The price has been reduced from £52 to £45.

Deep Purifying Foam does what it says on the tin, with the light foam masking a powerful, yet gentle, clean. It contains Baltic St. John's wort, calendula, chamomile, yarrow and rose water

It's the cucumber that makes Madara's Deep Balance Toner smell so crispy fresh, guaranteed to give tired skin a natural wake-up boost. Rose water and chamomile help balance the skin's pH level and absorb moisturiser better.

A morning beauty regime can be finished off with a couple of squirts of Madara's Deep Moisture Fluid which hydrates, firms and nourishes the skin. Easily absorbed, it is effective in balancing oily and dry areas.

Madara is available at independent stores nationwide and online.

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