PICK OF THE DAY: VisitWoods Interactive Woodland Website

| 10th February 2011
The Woodland Trust’s new VisitWoods website has everything you need to know about the UK’s woods and forests

If you’re short of ideas for a weekend stroll or a looking for a romantic spot for a Valentine’s Day walk, then look no further. Visitwoods.org.uk is the UK’s first interactive online guide to Britain’s woodlands and comes complete with everything you need to know about the woods in your area including what to see and where to walk. 

Featuring over 12,000 woodlands, simply search by post code or town to find your nearest forest. The search engine lets you search by category including woods with bluebells, watersports, bike access and kid’s play areas and woods where your dog is welcome to come along. Worried about access, entry charges or nearby public transport stops? Search by access and make sure the only surprises you get are of the wildlife spotting kind. Children will love the printable spotter’s guides, which help you identify local flora and fauna.

The site also has a feedback area where you can show your appreciation and prove you’ve been on that woodland walk by uploading your photos and comments. With helpful advice on what to take and what to wear when walking in the woods, the VisitWoods website really does have something for everyone.

Find out more at: VisitWoods.org.uk

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