Scents and sustainability: the Green Grocery's organic scent

| 16th February 2011

The ingredients for the solid organic scent includes jasmine

Combining rose, sandalwood and jasmine essential oils, the Green Grocery’s Love Letter perfume is organic, eco-friendly and utterly gorgeous

If Monday’s love-fest hasn’t put you off all things romantic, then the Green Grocery’s organic solid scent, Love Letter, £9.99, could be for you. With an energising rose-geranium top note, the fragrance dries down to a musky jasmine warmed up by lingering Damascus rose and sandalwood. The fragrant essential oils have a cocoa butter base, so last for ages, and the scent also doubles up as a lip balm. 

Handmade on a small scale, the perfume comes in a chic, fully recyclable black box and reusable silver tin and has been fully certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers association. It’s also totally vegan and alcohol free, so perfect for anyone conscious of the potentially harmful effects of ethanol-based fragrances.

Love Letter is exclusive to the Green Grocery

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