Tesco teams up with Goodone to bring ethical fashion to the high street

| 22nd February 2011
Eco-label Goodone’s unique collaboration with the supermarket giant is finally bringing green fashion to the mass market

Whether it’s Primark, New Look or US import Forever 21, the prevailing pile-em high, sell-em cheap approach to fashion retail has brought about a revolution in our wardrobes. Half of all the products we buy are clothes and we chuck out around 30kg of them every year - 85 percent of which ends up in landfill. All this shopping and binning produces around 1,000kg of carbon dioxide per year, roughly equivalent of driving a small diesel car around for six months. So what’s the solution to our eco clothing crisis? Well, one option is to buy less and recycle more - but it doesn’t end there. Rather than buying naff old tat from Primark, eco-friendly labels such People Tree or the ultra-cool Goodone are starting to make their mark on the highstreet, providing green clothes at affordable prices. Even Tesco is getting in on the act with its latest eco-clothing collaboration – this time with Goodone.

One of green fashion’s highstreet pioneers, Goodone was one of the first eco-labels to be stocked by Topshop but its collaboration with Tesco is something different altogether. While it’s not the first time that Tesco has put greener clothes on the shelves – they’ve previously worked with From Somewhere – it is the first time they’ve worked with a label that champions such an edgy, urban aesthetic. While Goodone’s mainline collection makes the most of upcycled fabrics, the range for Tesco will be made entirely from recycled roll ends and factory waste.

Goodone’s S/S collection is out now. Find out more at www.goodone.co.uk

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