Biodegradable Beauty

| 23rd February 2011
From championing animal rights to making natural normal on the high street, the new biodegradable shower gels from the Body Shop are just the latest in a long line of eco friendly innovations

Green beauty has come a long way in the 34 years since Anita Roddick threw open the doors of the first Body Shop. But while intentions have been good, the industry as a whole, hasn’t always gotten it right, with accusations of greenwashing flying around and controversies over just how natural, ‘natural’ products really are. That said, it’s a heartening sign when the world’s second largest beauty franchise – the Body Shop – is one that holds the environment dear and even more so when it’s one that has consistently produced beauty goodies in ethical and sustainable ways.

While not every product is organic, the Body Shop led the way in moving cosmetics testing away from animals and is famous for its campaigns on a wide range of issues, including the current one: Stop Sex Trafficking. Now, it’s about to become the first to launch a wholly biodegradable range of shower goodies. Named Earthlovers , the gels are formulated to break down completely as soon as they hit the plumbing. All Earthlovers products are paraben, sulphate and colourant free, and contain Fairtrade organic aloe vera, specially grown for the Body Shop in Guatemala. The shower gels, £5 each, come in five different varieties including Mint and Cucumber, Apricot and Basil, and our favourite, Fig and Rosemary. There’s also a fragrance-free version while the packaging has been kept to a minimum, and is almost entirely made from post-consumer recycled waste.

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