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4th January 2011
<strong>Irashai services ltd provides specialist sourcing services to Local Authorities, Designers, Organisations and Individuals. Sourcing new materials or products, new product development, and provide guidance in implementing sustainable methods</strong>
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Honestly knowing, and seeing how your products, materials and ingredients come about is paramount for true sustainable production.

 irashai services ltd is a business to consumer and also business to business supplier.  Our approach is honest and strategic, yet is tailored to the specific needs of the business or individual.  We can provide a complete outsourced supply chain, undertake traceability analysis on your new products which can be used for marketing purposes or applying for standards or eco certifications.  Or if you require guidance and support in implementing a sustainable procurement service this can be achieved as well.  Whether it is working alongside your teams (doesn't matter how small) we are happy to transfer our expertise and knowledge to your organisation.  At the same time we guarantee to reduce your business costs without impacting on quality and of course your environmental ethos. 
 Our connection with Japan has spanned over 20 years and therefore we continue to work and collaborate with small to medium businesses to even larger organisations from Japan. In recent years Japan has experienced a shrinking local market and are having to consider the wider market. Combined with advanced technology and a design-led approach, Japan are leading the way in many new environmental products, services and new development - often by combining old and new methods in production.
 During our research we have discovered a lot of really unusual and design-oriented products, materials and ingredients. We have chosen some of these products to list on a website as we have worked closely with their manufacturers and have gained first hand experience in using the products and materials. The reason for working with these producers is to ensure craft skills are nurtured and supported for future generations. Our website has come about thanks to our own personal passion for all things eco, the environment, true sustainability and knowledge of where products are made.

Company ethos
We aim to deliver quickly and safely, be as helpful as possible, and resolve any problems with minimum fuss.
 Customers seem to like our honest, down to earth approach. We are always working on our range, and continuing to build awareness of what we do. All products, materials, ingredients - we know where they are from and undertake a traceability analysis on them.  This is whether they are sourced for our clients or sold on the website.

Our environmental policy:

Product Showcase

Naked Pan

"The pans are made from 75% recycled and 25% new cast iron, and are 100% recyclable."

 One of the products we are proud to sell on the website is the NakedPan. NakedPan is a range of durable, eco-friendly pans made by Oigen Foundry, located in the North of Japan.  
 These pans have combined artisan crafts with modern technology and now available to UK home chefs and caterers from Irashai Services.
 The pans are popular with Japanese chefs, who say that food cooks more quickly in them and tastes better, while the pans are easy to clean and require minimal oil for cooking.
 After seasoning with oil, they use a self formed natural oxide film rather than enamel or other coatings to prevent sticking and rusting.  They do not require harsh detergents for cleaning -  simply scrub them under hot water with a bristle brush, place on heat to dry and add a dash of oil around the pan.  Suitable for use with gas, electric, induction, oven or Aga heat sources, the pans retain heat well, reducing the high temperatures needed for cooking.


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