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| 10th July 2011
Just Do It
Just Do It, a film following the UK's eco activist movement
This month we report on pesticide labelling, government food policy, conflict and climate change, alternative lifestyles and the future of direct action campaigning. To access this content, log in and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you can download your newsletter

Ecologist readers will be familiar with, and in many cases involved in, eco-activism in the UK. Yet rarely does anyone get to see very much of the secretive world behind the environmental direct action community- that small group of people that put their bodies in the way and are not afraid to get arrested to do something about climate change.

A new film, Just Do It, launching on July 15th gives us this glimpse. Director Emily James spent over a year embedded with some of the major direct action groups - the ones mainstream media despair over, and like to portray as terrorists. Just Do It paints a fuller picture and gives us the inside story of who they are and why they do what they do.

And, as an advocate for radical environmental action since our first issue back in 1970, the Ecologist took this opportunity to look more closely at the issues shaping the future direction of Britain's eco-activism movement.  In your PDF newsletter you can read Bibi van der Zee’s compelling piece addressing these issues, whilst elsewhere online you’ll find further comment and analysis, including: 

•    Joss Garman: coal and runways looked unstoppable until we stopped them. Co-founder of activist group Plane Stupid, Joss Garman reflects on the environmental movements' successes and why, when things look bleaker than ever, we need to remember this

•    Tools of resistance: the insiders guide to grassroots direct action Molly James & Dan Glass outline the most powerful tools in the grassroots action toolbox - plus information on how you can get involved

•    How to inspire the next generation of eco-activists . Constructive engagement, optimism and campaigns that benefit local residents are the best tactics to move eco-activism forward

•    Just Do It: the story of modern-day outlaws. A new film launching on July 15th gives an in-depth look inside the clandestine world of environmental direct action

The Ecologist has, over the years, published a number of guides on powerful tools activists can use to press for change, from the basics such as letter writing, to video activism, data activism, to communicating your campaign and working with the media. Visit our Make a difference section to read these and other similar stories.


Matilda Lee, Community Affairs editor


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