TAKE ACTION to save the UK's solar industry

Save our Solar campaign
The Save our Solar campaign aims to get the government to re-think its support for this fledgling industry
Solar could provide one third of the UK's electricity demand. So why has the government recently slashed the feed in tariff?

A new campaign called Our Solar Future launched by the Solar Trade Association aims to get the government to reconsider its objectives for the UK's solar industry. 

The government's recent decision to slash the feed in tariff is jeopardising both the industry, jobs and the environment.
A report, the Solar Revolution Strategy, written by experts in the solar industry, outlines a strategy which will create 140,000 jobs by end 2015 and 360,000 jobs by 2010 and save UK consumers millions on new infrastructure costs. 
Key Findings

  • Government needs to effectively double investment on solar PV to 2015   
  • That investment will kick start a solar revolution in the UK which will deliver 140,000 jobs by end 2015, 360,000 by end 2020 
  • Cost to householders will be £3 average per annum until 2015 (£15 in total per household this parliament) 
  • Average cost over the lifetime of the scheme will be £6.50 - £9.00 per household per annum, depending on timing of reaching grid parity 
  • The government continues to favour nuclear and to hide subsidies which cost the taxpayer more than £700 per household per year.

'We urgently need a green energy revolution to create new jobs and tackle the twin threats of rising fuel prices and global climate change.  Harnessing the power of the sun is essential to the development of a low-carbon economy, but Government funding cuts threaten to kill off this fledgling industry' Alan Simpson, Sustainability Advisor to Friends of the Earth


Sign the petition to urge the government to reconsider its stance on the feed in tariff and increase its objectives for the solar industry in the UK.
Twitter: @oursolarfuture
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/oursolarfuture

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