Five ways to get involved in Green Tourism Week

Ring of Kerry
Green Tourism Week 2011 has arrived, so Jeff Holman took a look what's going on

This week sees the launch of the first ever Green Tourism Week, which aims to promote eco-conscious tourism and recognise those businesses, individuals and initiatives that have made a real attempt to put the environment at the heart of what they do. And you don’t have to be part of the tourism industry to take part. We asked Andrea Nicholas, managing director of the Green Tourism Scheme, to recommend some ways to get involved.

Mazzard Farm
‘Mazzard Farm in Devon offers luxury cottages for a fantastically comfortable and stylish holidays, and prides itself on the incentives offered for greener tourism. As part of Green Tourism Week, they have offered two ways for you to make your holiday a little greener while making a booking during this period. If you book a ‘car-free’ option you will receive up £100 for the train fare, provided the booking is for a week or more, and they will pick you up from the station. Additionally, all other bookings made during the week include a vine planted in the guest’s name at the Pebblebed Vineyard in East Devon, as well as a free bottle of Pebblebed wine. Only the bookings need to be made during this week, as the holidays can be taken any time of the year you choose.

Battlesteads Hotel
‘This hotel, winner of the Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme, is in Wark on Tyne in Northumberland. They are offering guests a tour of their eco-friendly initiatives, including polytunnels, a biomass boiler that provides heat for the hotel, and a vegetable garden from which they get a large amount of fresh produce. Not only is it a great place to stay, it’s also a chance to see some great examples of eco-friendly home improvements up close.’

Crown Spa
‘The Crown Spa in Scarborough wants to reward electric car drivers as part of their contribution to Green Tourism Week. All drivers of electric vehicles can access one of four charging stations and up to two hours of free charging time, with a limit of one visit during this period. While your car is getting re-charged, all drivers are offered a complimentary coffee while waiting to get back on the road. The great thing is you don’t need to be a guest to enjoy this service, so it’s accessible and convenient for all those looking to do their bit to lighten their carbon footprint.’

Ring of Kerry Guide
‘The Ring of Kerry is a beautiful 179km loop around the coastal County Kerry region of Ireland. To help promote the region and the activities it offers, Failte Ireland is launching a guide called 101 Green Things to See and Do On The Ring of Kerry, Ireland. The guide will feature attractions and establishments that highlight the region’s green qualities. The hope is that the guide will help grow the tourist trade via promotion of green values throughout the area. With plenty to do and see for families, friends and couples, this is a great opportunity to see the Emerald Isle at its most stunning.’

Arcola Theatre
Cycling is a convenient way to get around London and on Sunday June 12th, the Arcola theatre is will be helping to promote it. Located on routes to and from the Arcola Theatre and the Tonynbee Studios, the day will include a number of cycling related activities. These range from a game of capture the flag to a graffiti tour of east London, and a bicycle treasure hunt. Additionally, there will be workshops on cycling and crafts plus cycling talks in and around the Hackney area. Activities will run throughout the day and will be followed by a dinner at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, courtesy of the People’s Kitchen.

For more information on these and other green tourism week activities, go to:

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