Clean and green: Top 10…eco-friendly grooming products

| 17th June 2011
Whether you’re trying to get to grips with the concept of serum or just want a decent shampoo, Henry Gass has the lowdown on the eco-friendly grooming products that will do the trick for you and for the planet

Male skin isn’t the chain mail we like to think it is and products specific to male skin are needed to repair a lifetime of testosterone-induced punishment. Men’s skin is oilier and has larger pores, which require specialist skincare, so nicking whatever the missus has in the medicine cabinet isn’t going to cut it. And as men get wise to the fact that no one wants to look like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, the importance of choosing green self-care products has come into play. Conventional products often contain chemicals like sulphates; used, among other things, to clean drains and ovens. So if you’ve been looking for a concise list of go-to products that are chemical-free and as good for the planet as they are for your skin, today is your lucky day. From moisturiser to aftershave, we’ve rounded up 10 eco-friendly grooming essentials that really work.
Bulldog Eco-System moisturiser
Why we love it:
One of the first brands to offer a completely Fairtrade range, Bulldog’s Eco-System moisturiser, £7.49, contains organic shea butter from Ghana, sesame seed oil from Nicaragua and Brazil nut oil from Peru, plus a blend of eight essential oils to hydrate the skin. The Fairtrade shea butter is produced a group of women in Bolgatanga, north-eastern Ghana, who are using the proceeds to renovate the local Pusu-Namogo primary school.
Aubrey Organics Ginseng Biotin Shampoo
Why we love it:
This two-step hair care system, £9.68, includes thickening nutrients and natural mane boosters such as biotin (a B vitamin necessary for cell growth) and ginseng. There’s also a big dose of he shou wu, a Chinese herb used medicinally to treat premature greyness and hair loss, thus removing any possibility of having to do a Wayne Rooney.
Lavera Men Care Organic Aftershave Balm
Why we love it:
Developed with male skin, in mind, Lavera's organic aftershave balm is the eco-friendly remedy for the rigours of shaving. Organic herbal extracts, including astringent witch hazel and soothing calendula, combine to calm the skin after shaving. The balm, £8.95, also contains aloe vera for a deep moisturising effect.
Florame Aromatherapy Organic Deodorant
Why we love it:
This little bottle, £11.54, contains an organic cedar-argen compound of oils, which emits a gently woody scent. Palmarosa oil and sugar cane extract provide the anti-perspirant action and also deal with the whiffy bacteria that causes BO. Not only is it ECOCERT certified, it's also dermatologically tested and produced without oil by-products.

Green People Active Fix Repair Serum
Why we love it:
All Green People products are ECOCERT and Soil Association certified, and the Active Fix Repair Serum, £16.50, is a favourite thanks to its skin-soothing cocktail of nutrients. Great for dealing with common skin conditions like eczema and zits, the serum includes anti-oxidant rich olive leaf extract which helps to repair shaving damage and minimise wrinkles. Suitable for vegans, the serum is made without phthalates and artificial fragrances.
Monte-Bianco Toothbrush
Why we love it:
Even if you don’t own one of those bulky, battery-powered electric toothbrushes, the most rudimentary stick of plastic can help make your carbon footprint epic in size. Currently toothbrush recycling isn’t possible, so Monte-Bianco has come up with an ingenious solution in the shape of their range of removable-head toothbrushes. You retain the stick and replace the head every three months, thus avoiding the need to invest in a totally new toothbrush. A starter brush is yours for £2.95 and replacement heads come in packs of three for £3.95.
Origins Easy Slider Pre-shave Oil
Why we love it:
Just a few drops of this lightweight, pre-shave oil, £16, softens hair and creates a smooth path of no resistance for your razor. Sesame and organic jojoba reduce friction and nourish the skin. A dual purpose product, Easy Slider also works well as a moisture booster for very dry skin and helps to prevent unsightly nasties like ingrown hairs and shaving rash.
Burt’s Bees Men’s Soap Bar
Why we love it:
An aromatic botanical cleanser, Burt’s Bees soap, £4, combines zesty lemon and orange oils with energising rosemary and bergamot, all of which makes it good to have to hand in the morning. Pine oil adds a crisp woodiness to the fragrance and it’s sulphate and phthalate free.
Lush Dirty Toothy Tabs
Why we love it:
Lush’s innovative tooth cleansing tabs, £2 per packet, from the bloke-specific Dirty range are a practical eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste. The little dry pellets might not look much like toothpaste, but once in the mouth, the baking soda ensures a decent froth and they're flavoured with an unusual but tasty spearmint and lavender combo. The diminutive size and dryness of the pellets has also allowed Lush to get rid of most of the packaging, with a recyclable matchbox sized container used in place of the bog standard plastic tube.

Creed Green Irish Tweed
Why we love it:
A classic fragrance with a formula based on high quality naturals, Green Irish Tweed, £120, is a Creed creation that has been delighting men (and their wives) since 1985. Combining fresh, citrusy top notes – lemon and verbena – with spicy sandalwood and musky ambergris, Green Irish Tweed manages to be at once masculine (despite the iris and violet notes) and endlessly versatile.

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