Review: Skin Nectar 'The Balancer' Radiance Oil

| 9th March 2011
It smells gorgeous and is 100 percent organic but does Skin Nectar’s Radiance Oil live up to its billing? Green Living editor, Ruth Styles, tried it out

While things are looking up for ethical beauty consumers, with a plethora of sustainable, eco-friendly brands hitting the high street, the products don’t always live up to the hype. The lotions, potions, creams and serums might have spot-on green credentials but if they don’t work, give you spots or are generally useless, it all becomes a bit pointless. After all, who wants to splash out on rubbish, even if it is ultra green? So it was with a hint of trepidation that I took on the task of seeing whether Skin Nectar’s Radiance Oil, £21, really lived up to its billing.

Created by qualified aromatherapist, Venita Machnicki, Skin Nectar uses 100 percent organic, natural essential oils in its products and the Radiance Oil is no exception. Available in four variations - The Balancer, The Hydrator, The Rescuer and The Rejuvenator – it’s a blend of pure essential oils plus a carrier oil, all formulated to address specific skin problems. With my normal skin, I chose The Balancer, a fragrant mixture of Rose, Jasmine and Neroli oils. Claiming hydrating, calming and radiance boosting properties, the oil smells utterly divine, although if you loathe rose, it’s not recommended since the rose component is pretty pungent.

The oil itself is not surprisingly a little greasy but it does absorb quickly. There’s no SPF involved either, so I used it as a serum along with my regular sunscreen and found it worked better with a little extra help. After a week, I’d gotten used to putting what smelt like perfume on my face every day and it did make my skin look plumper and a little fresher, although it did have to contend with me burning the candle at both ends. As you only use two to three drops each time, the 10ml bottle lasts for ages, making it pretty good value too. While it definitely works better under moisturiser, for providing your skin with an extra shot of hydrating and plumping power, it’s brilliant.

Skin Nectar Radiance Oils are available from:

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