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| 10th March 2011
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Why we've made some small but important changes to

Our two previous sections, News in Brief and News Analysis will be amalgamated into News Focus. This is largely in recognition of the fact that the Ecologist's strength is, and always has been, covering stories in a way that others in the more mainstream media are unable to.
We want to look at issues in more depth and in a more critical fashion. Round-the-clock news and commentary can all too easily degenerate into 'churnalism' - where press releases, agency copy and other pre-packaged materials are churned out as 'news'.
You can expect stories reporting the unreported - and tackling quite often difficult or complex issues. You can expect more investigations. You can expect more photo, or data-led, pieces.
You'll also notice we've reorganised our content to better highlight the work of the world's campaigners and others involved in 'Making A Difference' - much of this material is unique to the Ecologist and again stands us apart from other, more conventional, outlets.  
Over the coming weeks they'll be more important developments too - there's a number of special reports in the pipeline as well as new columns and features, which will ensure we build on 40 years of setting the environmental-agenda.

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