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No Need for Nuclear
No Need for Nuclear campaign
With the Japanese nuclear disaster still unfolding, make your voice heard on Britain's sustainable energy future: say no to nuclear...

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne this week commissioned a review, due within six months, of the safety of the UK's existing and new nuclear plants in light of the events at Japanese nuclear reactors.

As the Japanese situation unfolds, UK campaigners have renewed demands for a safe, sustainable and viable non-nuclear energy policy on the grounds that nuclear is not only unsafe, but unneeded and expensive.

Lotte Blair, from No Need for Nuclear says her team spent six months researching the nuclear issue and found that, given predicted demand for energy up to 2050, nuclear power is not needed to meet the UK's electricity demand.

Furthermore, claims that nuclear power comes without public subsidies is untrue. The nuclear decommissioning authority and insurance, for example, is paid for out of taxpayer funds.

‘Given the current situation, there will need to be greater safety measures which will inevitably cost more money. In addition, nuclear is capital, not labour intensive meaning it doesn't create much employment,' says Lotte.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament argues that the government should suspend plans for new nuclear power stations and build on and develop, ‘Britain's undoubted capacity for the development and production of sustainable energy forms.'

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