3rd May 2011
<strong>For more than 30 years, Nikwax has been a trail blazing company specialising in waterproofing products. Company founder Nick Brown pioneered a radical alternative to conventional waterproof fabrics in Páramo’s unique 'Directional' garments.
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Páramo helps ‘at risk’ women seeking to improve their lives develop valuable skills

Quality gear that’s ethically produced

The fabrics in Páramo’s range of unique ‘Directional’ outdoor garments are based on natural principles (mammal fur and water movement in plants). The resulting garments last longer, are renewable and repairable and give superior performance and comfort in all climatic conditions.

Páramo is not just proud of its products but how they’re manufactured. Over 16 years ago, Nick worked with Sister Esther Castaño to establish Páramo’s ethical production facility in Bogotá, Colombia. Working as part of a social program with the Miquelina Foundation, Páramo helps ‘at risk’ women seeking to improve their lives develop valuable skills.

In addition, Nick sits on the Board of the Association for Conservation, an offshoot from the European Outdoor Group, with the objective of motivating outdoor companies throughout Europe to conserve and protect wild areas. He has been invited to speak at a number of forums in the UK, USA and South America about the role of outdoor companies in environmental conservation and protection.

Environmental achievements

Among the company’s many successes, here are five of its key environmental accomplishments:

1)    Páramo garments last longer… 
Páramo makes waterproof products using Nikwax fabrics that do NOT become obsolete. They don’t need membranes or laminates, which break down over time, to keep the weather out. Páramo garments work better for longer, aren’t ruined by puncture, are repairable and provide renewable waterproofing.

2)    Nikwax is safer for you, your gear and the environment... 
Nikwax invented breathable WaterBased re-proofers. They are fluorocarbon free and don’t contain harmful solvents or propellant gases which cause ozone depletion and global warming. Nikwax products are effective in a cool 30°C wash and don’t need high temperature treatment to activate the waterproofing.

3)    Nikwax and Páramo promote renewability… 
Nikwax aftercare products restore the performance of Páramo garments indefinitely – and can extend the life of your other outdoor gear too. This cuts down on materials and energy for replacements, meaning less waste will end up in landfills!

4)    Pro-active thinking…  
The Nikwax & Páramo Environmental Management Team is constantly looking to reduce resource use – from sourcing renewable energy suppliers to initiating the Trees for Life sapling donation for every Páramo Pájaro jacket sold.

5)    Giving back and carbon balancing… 
Nikwax and Páramo are carbon balanced companies. Working with the World Land Trust, the company offset its primary carbon emissions and it is committed to offsetting its emissions from the last 10 years. In 2007, Nikwax offset 2007 and 1997. It plans to do this until it offsets 20 years of emissions. This contribution is invested by WLT in reforestation in Ecuador. The company will match this amount to protect existing forests.

After 30 years in the business, Nick’s enthusiasm to make products that perform better but don’t require an environmental compromise is still apparent – and more crucial than ever.

With Nikwax and Páramo, you don’t have to sacrifice outdoor comfort and performance to remain eco-friendly.

Company Ethos
The Structure of the Páramo organisation is orientated towards continuous growth.
Growth is only justified if the organisation has benign features, which seek to achieve the following:
•    The provision of quality products and services which improve the quality of life for the user
•    Encourage the growth of individuals within the company’s environment in terms of skills, confidence and ability to take responsibility
•    Promote innovation and creativity at all levels within the company’s environment
•    Safeguard the environment by taking a responsible approach to ethical manufacturing and environmental issues
•    Maintain sufficient profitability to ensure the above principles can be achieved and sustained.

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Páramo helps ‘at risk’ women seeking to improve their lives develop valuable skills

For more information visit: www.paramo.co.uk/en-gb/trade/missionstatement

Product Showcase


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Tel: 01892 786444

Web: www.paramo.co.uk


Páramo Directional Clothing Systems
Unit F, Durgates Industrial Estate, Wadhurst,
East Sussex, TN5 6DF, UK


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