PHOTO GALLERY: Dartmoor National Park

Andrew Cooper’s latest tome offers a fascinating insight into the life of Britain’s best-known national park

One of Britain’s oldest national parks; the asperous heath land, volcanic tors and gorse-covered bogs of Dartmoor have long laid claim to a special place in British hearts. The inspiration behind works such as Lorna Doone; the moor’s haunting beauty and abundant wildlife have made it one of the UK’s top tourist destinations. But away from the quaint villages and network of hiking and cycling trails lies a Jurassic landscape that has remained relatively unchanged for the best part of 280 million years. It’s a truly fascinating place with an equally compelling history that has now become the subject of Andrew Cooper’s latest book, Dartmoor National Park: A Celebration of its People, Places and Wildlife.

Packed with wonderful photos of Dartmoor’s glorious panoramas, majestic waterways and animal inhabitants, Cooper’s work shines a spotlight on undiscovered Dartmoor and explores its relationship with the people who live in and around it. The Chairman of the Devon Wildlife Trust and a well known documentary film maker, Cooper has made sure that no stone has been left unturned and no cranny unexplored in his epic tribute to England’s best-known conservation spot. From the snowy wastes of winter to the technicolour flora of spring and summer, Dartmoor National Park: A Celebration of its People, Places and Wildlife has much for nature lovers to enjoy. For the rest of us, it’s a compelling reminder of the important work Britain’s national park programme does in protecting our natural heritage for future generations. Whether you’re planning a trip or not, Dartmoor National Park: A Celebration of its People, Places and Wildlife is a great way to get a taste of a British natural icon.

Dartmoor National Park: A Celebration of its People, Places and Wildlife by Andrew Cooper (£10.95, Green Books) is available from Amazon


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