The carbon con: the true cost of offsetting

Local villager

Local communities have been displaced by the UN-backed coal power project. Photo: Luke Starr / Ecostorm

Exclusive film looks at allegations that a coal power project in central India, approved under the UN's Clean Development Mechanism, is destroying forests and livelihoods

It is meant to be supporting 'sustainable development' but the UN's flagship carbon trading scheme is failing, according to an investigation by the Ecologist Film Unit.

On the eve of the Durban climate change talks, investigators travelled to Madhya Pradesh in central India to document the impact of a new coal power plant, and associated coal mines, approved by the UN's Clean Development Mechanism.

Our investigation uncovered allegations the project is displacing poor communities and leading to the destruction of forest.

Find out more by reading the full investigation and watching the film above.

Production team:

Reporter: Luke Starr

Researcher: Carolina Galvani

Editor / director: Iain Mitchell

Cameraperson: Sanjay Barnela

Narration: Sonja D'Cruze


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