Weleda marks 90 years of organic beauty

| 1st September 2011
anniversary pack
Pioneering natural brand Weleda will see in its ninth decade this year. Ruth Styles reports on the birthday celebrations

Organic beauty brand, Weleda, is to celebrate its 90th birthday this year. Best known for its Wild Rose Smoothing Day cream, the brand is celebrating by launching a limited edition box set of body oils, with lavender, rosemary, pomegranate and sea buckthorn among them. What’s more, Weleda has also set itself a slew of new environmental targets, including making sure that all its products are at least 80 per cent organic by 2014 and adhering to a new CSR strategy, heavily slanted to reflect current green issues.

‘The most important thing, and the thing which makes Weleda so unique, is that our business is founded on the basis of respect, love and responsibility towards nature and human beings, which has been characteristic of our activities since 1921,’ commented Jane Sterland, marketing manager at Weleda UK. Included on the new strategy are plans to tackle problems such as water use, ethical procurement and reducing the amount of carbon that production of products creates. ‘This is at our core, in our very DNA if you like,’ continues Jane. ‘In this regard, Weleda can be seen as a pioneer of sustainability.’

Meanwhile, birthday wishes have been rolling in, with fans including Beauty Bible authors and eco-beauty specialists, Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley. ‘We love Weleda,’ they said in a statement. ‘We trust Weleda. We recommend the brand unreservedly for its 90 years of commitment to ethical production in general, to sustainability in particular, and to offering value in every way. Our wish is that you will continue your commitment to love and respect nature for many decades to come.’

Five of our favourite Weleda products

Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream, £12.50
The original and best, Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream is a budget classic and is fortified with sedum, myrrh and horsetail extract. Cold-pressed rosehip oil brings a hefty whack of nourishing fatty acids to the party.

Skin Food, £8.50
Like Ronseal, Skin Food does exactly what it says on the tin – in this case, tube – providing dry skin with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Rosemary and chamomile perk up a dull dermis, while organic sunflower seed oil softens and smoothes.

Birch Body Scrub, £8.95
While the name might suggest chips of wood, the Birch Body Scrub’s powers of exfoliation come from leaf extract. Purifying and detoxing, it leaves skin blemish free and with roughness significantly reduced.

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil, £19.95
It isn’t just your face that benefits from a shot of anti-ageing power. The skin elsewhere on your body requires a similar level of TLC, which is exactly what the Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil provides, courtesy of a cocktail of fatty acids and anti–oxidant vitamins.

Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk, £8.95
Possibly not the best idea late at night – the invigorating rosemary will keep you awake – Weleda’s bath milk works a treat first thing in the morning and as a foot bath remedy for tired, aching feet.

All featured products are available at www.weleda.co.uk and from pharmacies nationwide



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