Bee Lovely: the hand cream standing up for insects

Britain’s bees are in big trouble, but Neal’s Yard Remedies have come to the rescue with a campaign and limited edition hand cream. Ruth Styles put it to the test
Achieving beautifully soft skin doesn’t usually go hand in hand with saving Britain’s bees, but the new honey-based hand cream from Neal’s Yard looks set to do both. For every tube of the limited edition Bee Lovely Hand Cream, £9.50, purchased, Neal’s Yard will donate £1 to protecting the UK’s threatened bee population as part of the brand’s Save the Bees campaign. What’s more, Neal’s Yard are also running a petition to outlaw neonic pesticides [a class of pesticide that causes a neurotoxic reaction in insects, damaging the nerves and resulting in paralysis] – one of the biggest threats currently facing our bees. 
Bees aside, the big question for beauty fans is: is the cream any good? Based on healing organic honey and enriched with organic, Fairtrade brazil nut oil, the citrus-scented lotion is rich, thick and soothing when first applied and leaves skin ultra-soft. It does take a while to sink in, so use sparingly with extra focus on cuticles, which drink it in. The strong orange scent comes courtesy of organic orange oil, and the honey component is perfect for sorting out any nicks, cuts or scratches. Thanks to its heaviness, it also doubles up nicely as a foot cream and does an amazing job of banishing cracked heels and dry skin. 
Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream , £9.50, is available online at and at stores nationwide
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