PHOTO GALLERY: The Arctic - Treasure of the North

The Arctic by Greenpeace
A new book of stunning photos of the Arctic documents the wonder of one of the last wilderness regions on the planet

The region around the North Pole is one of the largest natural areas on the earth, a unique plant and animal world and the habitat of impressive peoples. And yet, the eternal ice is melting. The consequences of climate change and ruthless exploitation are advancing more quickly here than they do elsewhere.

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The Arctic: Treasure of the North aims to create a picture of the enchanting world of polar bears and northern lights and the challenging life of the Nordic people. It is also a strong appeal to pause for reflection, and to put an end to this unique region's destruction, which is currently being caused by the oil and fishing industries and by global climate change.

All images are by copyright of Bernd Rommelt.

The Arctic: Treasure of the North by Bernd Rommelt & Thomas Henningsen (White Star Publishers, £25) is available from  Amazon

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