Frequently Asked Questions: Resurgence and the Ecologist

7th June 2012
updated 5 December 2013
In June 2012 the Ecologist merged with Resurgence. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the merger, and what it means for the Ecologist website and users.

Ecologist and Resurgence merger
Existing subscriptions and users
Content on Ecologist website
More about Resurgence

Ecologist and Resurgence Merger.

Why did the Ecologist merge with Resurgence?
This merger brought together two cutting-edge environmental publishers to create a stronger voice for change. In addition to The Ecologist website, Ecologist content will once again be available in print format within the pages of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine. From September 2012, Resurgence magazine has been published as Resurgence & Ecologist.

Why Resurgence?
Resurgence magazine was first published in 1966 and the first issue of the Ecologist was published in 1970. The Ecologist and Resurgence have had a long association as pioneers in the environmental movement. Teddy Goldsmith (founder of the Ecologist) and Satish Kumar (editor-in-chief at Resurgence & Ecologist) worked together in 1972 and both represented Britain at the first UN Environmental Conference. Resurgence and the Ecologist share the same values and have worked collaboratively at forefront of the environmental movement for many years.

Existing subscriptions and users

How did the change affect existing subscribers to The Ecologist?
Until 1 June 2012, a paid subscription to the Ecologist provided access to premium content on the website, including investigations and the 2000-2009 Ecologist magazine archive. From 1 June 2012, Ecologist subscriptions have been serviced by The Resurgence Trust. People who were Ecologist subscribers at the time of the merger receive access to the online version of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine for the duration of their subscription. If you were a subscriber to the Ecologist premium content and have questions about your access to Resurgence & Ecologist (pdf), please contact our membership department.

What about subscription data and privacy?

Personal subscription data was transferred to The Resurgence Trust. The Resurgence Trust will respect and protect the privacy of Ecologist subscribers. We do not sell, give or barter email addresses or pass on any personal details to other organisations. Full privacy policy

Why has the subscriber area and login been removed?

Since 2012 all the new content on the site has been free to read for everyone. We are no longer adding premium content behind a paywall. In December 2013 we removed the paywall to make all the content on the site freely accessible to all.

Why has the registered users option been removed?
All the content on the Ecologist site is now free to read for everyone. There are no additional features for people who register on the site, so the option to register has been removed.

How and when will future subscription payments be collected?
If you have a paid subscription to the Ecologist, which has been transfered to The Resurgence Trust, we will contact you when your subscription is nearing its end. We will send you details of how to renew, so you can continue to receive regular copies of Resurgence & Ecologist. You also have the option to upgrade your membership to receive the printed version of the magazine.

How will I access premium content on the Resurgence website?
If you were an Ecologist subscriber at the time of the merger (June 2012), your details will have been migrated to the Resurgence system. You should have received an email notification containing a username and password that you can use to access pdf issues of the magazine on the Resurgence website. 'Paid for' content is only accessed in pdf format on the Resurgence website, not as webpages.

What if I’m already a member of Resurgence?
If you were already a member of Resurgence at the time of the merger (June 2012) we extended your existing membership to the outstanding value of your Ecologist subscription. If you have any questions, please email the Resurgence membership office directly.

Content on Ecologist website

Will the content on the Ecologist website change?
The website will be updated regularly with the hallmark cutting-edge analysis, news and features that the Ecologist is renouned for.

Will the regular newsletters continue?
The Ecologist newsletter will be sent out to people who sign up to receive the free Ecologist newsletters. You will have the option to unsubscribe from these emails if you no longer wish to receive them.

Will you still be running competitions on the Ecologist website?
We will not be running any more third party competitions. We will ocassionally run competitions organised directly by The Resurgence Trust, for example the current Nature Writing competition. For details:

More about Resurgence

What is Resurgence?
Resurgence magazine was first published in 1966. The magazine is published six times a year in print and online. In 2006, Resurgence became a registered charity, The Resurgence Trust which was established to promote ecological sustainability, social justice and ethical living. Since September 2012, we have published the magazine as Resurgence & Ecologist. We invite you to find out more about The Resurgence Trust and the magazine by visiting our website. You can read free articles online and register on the website to receive a free sample copy of Resurgence & Ecologist (pdf format).

Membership to The Resurgence Trust
As a charitable Trust, we publish Resurgence & Ecologist as a magazine for our members. Rather than taking out a subscription to receive regular copies of the magazine, people take out a membership to The Resurgence Trust and receive six issues of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine a year. Find out more about membership here.


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