Five maternity campaigns for better, safer birth

| 7th March 2012
Maternity special

Campaigns to support safe, natural births and neighbourhood midwives

Get involved in the groups and campaigns working towards better maternity services in the UK

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIM)
How a child is born can have a profound effect on its health and its life. The experience of birth can also either empower a woman or destroy her confidence in her ability to parent. Through its website, quarterly journal and booklets it campaigns for women's rights for normal, non-medicalised birth and provides independent support and information.

Midwifery Matters: Association of Radical Midwives
Midwives, student midwives and others in the UK committed to improving the maternity care provided by the NHS. ARM strongly believe that all women have the right to a service tailored more closely to their needs, and a sympathetic attitude on the part of their professional attendants. Primarily a support group for people having difficulty in getting or giving good sympathetic, personalised midwifery care. A few of the midwives work independently outside the NHS, in order to offer a more woman-centred, one-to-one, style of practice, which at present is not widely available within NHS maternity services. There are contacts and/or local groups all around UK, as well as several overseas members.

One World Birth: Save birth, change the world
One World Birth is a free online video resource for birth professionals, activists and parents who want to keep their finger on the pulse of birth around the globe today. The world's birth experts discuss the latest thinking & research in short, bite-sized video clips that are based around a central theme each month.

5,000 more midwives e-petition, Royal College of Midwives
The RCM is calling on the Government to recruit an extra 5,000 midwives into the NHS to fill the desperate shortfall. They have a year to reach 100,000 signatures - sign now.

Neighbourhood Midwives: midwives you know and trust
A new employee-owned social enterprise is being set up to provide an NHS commissioned caseload midwifery homebirth service, based in your local community.

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Maternity special Five maternity campaigns for better, safer birth
Get involved in the groups and campaigns working towards better maternity services in the UK

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