The Eco Technology Show 2012

9th March 2012
Eco Tech show 2012

Caroline Lucas, Head of the Green Party for Brighton and Hove who supports The Eco Technology Show 2012

The Eco Technology Show –Build, Design, Energy, Waste and Transport solutions all under one roof

The Eco Technology Show (ETS) 2012 prepares to showcase the latest technologies which perform a crucial role in protecting the environment and making our daily home lives more energy efficient. The national event at the American Express Community Stadium in Brighton will take place on the 15th & 16th June 2012.

Technology integrates into every facet of modern life from buildings to energy to home to transport and to lifestyle.

Utilising eco technology has the additional benefits of minimising waste, saving energy, reducing environmental impact and not to mention saving you money on your household bills.

The new American Express stadium which was completed in May 2011 and is one of the UK's most modern stadia ensuring it has used the latest construction methods minimising on waste and providing a fitting venue for the Eco Technology Show 2012. 

The Eco Technology Show is designed to create a space where you can be inspired by new ideas and sustainable technologies to help you save money, learn what government incentives are in place to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and innovate!

  • Build new or extend an existing home in a cost effective, environmentally friendly way
  • Gain the information and products you need to reuse and retrofit an existing home
  • Reduce your energy costs and improve the energy performance of your home
  • Improve your water management and efficiency
  • Understand your waste management options
  • Choose products which are less damaging to the environment
  • Find out ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Know your options for sustainable, low environmental impact transport solutions
  • See a showcase of the cutting-edge of research and the development of future technologies
  • Choose your next car or mode of transport
  • Get clarification on regulations and find out which government incentives are applicable to you
  • Attend one or more of our free practical seminars
  • Learn more about how products are made in order to make better informed purchases
  • Source environmentally friendly products
  • Pick up useful information and advice
  • Take advantage of savings, incentives and tax breaks


The Event Director for ETS- Billy Mauseth explained the concept behind the show: “The aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage people to embrace new developments and commit to using renewable energy to save money on their household bills”. 

Over 200 exhibitors will form the shows different zones, which include: Eco Build, Design, Business, Energy, Transport, Home, Lifestyle, Information and Education. 

The event will run over two days, with the second day allocated as a family day. 

Michael Yeoman, Director of South Downs Solar and co-founder of The Eco Technology Show 2012, explains: “Exhibition space at The Eco Technology Show 2012 (ETS) is filling up faster than expected. ETS has already had to extend the build, energy and home zones to accommodate the growing interest.” 

““Half of the show’s exhibition stands have now been booked which means that businesses are running out of time and space to book themselves into exhibit at the show.”

For more information about the Eco Technology Show please go to:




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