Resurgence and the Ecologist to merge

31st May 2012
Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar, editor-in-chief of Resurgence and the Ecologist

Two of the country’s leading environmental publications have today merged

Zac Goldsmith MP and former editor of the Ecologist says:

“The Ecologist has been at the heart of the environmental movement for over 40 years and Resurgence has been in publication for the past 45 years and, as sister publications, they have always shared the same values.

“The Ecologist has spearheaded social, scientific and political ecology while Resurgence has spearheaded cultural and artistic ecology. Now the time has come to bring these two aspects of the environmental movement together by merging Resurgence and the Ecologist.

"I am delighted that Satish Kumar, who has been editing Resurgence for almost 40 years, will be taking the leading role in the future. I stepped away from all editorial involvement after becoming an MP, and that won’t change.”

Satish Kumar, editor-in-chief of Resurgence says: “We are delighted to announce this merger which represents two strong environmental organisations joining forces. For a long time our publications have been closely associated. Teddy Goldsmith and I worked together in 1972 and were the two environmentalists chosen to represent Britain at the first UN Environmental Conference. We worked together for many more years after that.

“We very much hope that readers will support this merger and continue to enjoy reading the joint publication. The name of the Ecologist will appear on the cover of Resurgence and subscribers to the Ecologist will receive a pdf copy of this joint publication six times a year. In addition, they will receive a monthly newsletter. The joint publication Resurgence and the Ecologist will be available in print and online from September.”

To read a letter to subscribers from Zac Goldsmith and Satish Kumar click here.



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