Earth Justice - a poem to celebrate National Poetry Day

| 4th October 2012
Helen Moore
Helen Moore and Niall McDevitt recite poem 'Earth Justice', inspired by a transcript of the ecocide trial held in October 2011.

Whatever you are doing, stop. Sit down. And listen to this.

This is Earth Justice, a brand new poem from the pen of UK eco-poet Helen Moore.

Dedicated to the lawyer activist, Polly Higgins and her Ecocide campaign - now gathering momentum around the world - it was inspired by the recent mock Ecocide trial staged to test the proposed new Ecocide legislation in a real court of law with real charges, real lawyers and a real Judge. In fact the only people not playing themselves were the defendants who were the CEOs of the two companies ‘on trial’ for the crime of ecocide – roles that were played by actors.

If you already know Helen’s work you will know she has an uncanny ability to slip right through the skin and pack an almighty eco punch. If you are new to it, you are in for a treat.

Here, she is performing Earth Justice with her partner, Irish urban poet Niall McDevitt. Niall is reading those parts taken from the court transcript of the actual (mock) trial proceedings.

So again …

Whatever you are doing, stop. Sit down. And listen to this.

*Warning - Part three contains a non-gratuitous expletive.

Helen Moore and Niall McDevitt - Earth Justice by Resurgence & Ecologist

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