Reclaim the Power: non-violent direct action

Peter Jacobson encourages us to question the power structures within our society, explains why he believes direct action has such an important role to play in the fight against fossil fuel investment, and tells us how to get involved.......
It will take more than one vote every four years to bring about the radical transformations we urgently need

The UK Government has started building new fossil fuel infrastructure. Over 30 new gas fired power stations. The opportunity cost? Renewable infrastructure and a safe climate future. Is this earth care? No! People care? No! Fair share? No! What can you do? Reclaim the power!

Reclaim the Power bought my attention to the massive new government investments in fossil fuel infrastructure and fracking subsidies. What?! There is no positive political leadership on climate change. The government is beholden to Oil and Gas lobby. The media are still refusing to bring the full implications of climate change to the eyes and hearts of the public.

There is no change of direction on the political horizon and the whole system has us headed straight for climate catastrophe. It mitigates our good work, commits the majority of society to high carbon lives and guarantees us all a devastating future. It will take more than one vote every four years and local lifestyle changes to bring the radical transformations we urgently need to avert the crisis.

The political system needs a powerful external forcing to bring about the necessary reforms that will put people and planet before profit in the UK. We need strict regulation and transparency of lobbying, a binding framework for converting fossil fuel infrastructure to renewable infrastructure and effective legal protection of the environment to start with.

These convictions led me to Oxford, where I now find myself WWOOFing on a permaculture project and working with a professional and dedicated team of volunteers to bring about these systemic changes. Reclaim the Power is the direct continuation of the No Dash for Gas protest, where 21 brave activists shut down EDF's West Burton power station for eight days.

Over the coming week Reclaim the Power we will be carrying the momentum from this, the Occupy movement and Climate Camps, and building solidarity across social and environmental campaigns. We will be camping for four days, having talks, music, skill shares and expressing our opposition and alternative positive solutions through non-violent direct action.

We need your voice, your creativity, and your presence to oppose the moneyed corporate lobby groups and bring the changes we all need. It will take persistence, and it will take time. We do it for the oppressed, for the future generations, for our future and we do it for fun! So please make a little time in your busy lives and add your voice to the chorus. Reclaim the Power is one opportunity. There will be many more on our journey. I hope to see you there!

Reclaim the Power Action Camp is currently taking place at Balcombe, West Sussex. For more information please visit