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22nd October 2013
Oliver Tickell
Oliver Tickell, Senior Editor, the Ecologist
Oliver Tickell has been appointed as Editor of The Ecologist
I am very excited to being taking on this role. The Resurgence Trust is a fantastic place for The Ecologist to be.

The Resurgence Trust have announced the appointment of Oliver Tickell as Senior Editor of The Ecologist. He is an author, journalist, economist and campaigner on environmental issues.

His book Kyoto2 (Zed Books 2008), sets out a blueprint for effective global climate governance. For many years Oliver was a friend of The Ecologist’s founder, the late Teddy Goldsmith and this led to his building a website to publish Teddy’s entire archive of articles and interviews.

Oliver’s articles have been published in all the broadsheet newspapers and numerous magazines including New Scientist, New Statesman and The Economist. He is also a popular speaker and experienced broadcaster on the BBC home and world services including Today, PM, Costing the Earth, Farming World and Farming Today. He studied physics at Oxford University and is a founding fellow of the Green Economic Institute.

Satish Kumar, editor-in-chief of The Resurgence Trust says: “We are delighted that Oliver Tickell has accepted the role of editor of The Ecologist. He is a great writer, committed to ecological issues and will bring tremendous energy to The Ecologist website.”

Oliver Tickell says: “I am very excited to being taking on this role. The Resurgence Trust is a fantastic place for The Ecologist to be. I have been reading The Ecologist since the 1980s and am ever-mindful of its values and principles. My aim is to manifest those values in a different media landscape and I particularly want to make the website more interactive so it becomes a focus for ideas and debate serving the green movement.”

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