Friends of the Earth Campaign Organisers Programme

18th September 2013
Becoming a Campaign Organiser is a chance to hone your activism skills and to contribute to real world change.

Becoming a Campaign Organiser takes a commitment of about three hours a week over the two years of the programme. In year one we’ll help you set up a Friends of the Earth group or lead a campaign with an existing one. In year two we’ll support you to help link together the groups in your area and support them to campaign together.

You’ll get:

  • An intensive training weekend in winter 2013/4
  • Ongoing 1:1 telephone support
  • Regular skillshares with other participants
  • £100 to run your first campaign
  • A £50 bursary for travel and accommodation
  • Friends of the Earth Certificate in Campaign Organising (on completion of the course)
  • Applications are welcome from within and beyond the Friends of the Earth local group network.

You can find further information on our Forum

If you have further questions email:

or to apply, fill in the application form at:

Deadline for applications: Round one: 8 October (South of England and Wales), Round 2: 8 December (North of England, North Wales and Northern Ireland).

Organisation: Friends of the Earth

Location: Home based

Course type: Other

Date: November 2013-15 (3 hours a week)

Cost: Free

Hours: Part Time


Contact email:


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